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In celebration of DeviantART's 14th birthday, and using that as an excuse, I'll sit down here for a moment and contemplate all the things this website has brought me. At present, I am sitting in a room, surrounded by boxes, and with all my things packed down and away and ready to be moved on to a new place. The first place I will be living truly on my own. So there's a lot of thinking and worrying and excitement here these days.

I have had a deviantART account since the 25th of August 2007 - which means that I made this account 3 days before my 15th birthday, almost 7 years ago. DeviantART was a strange and intimidating place to me then, and I did only make this account because my talented friend and then-fellow art class student CrazyXanimal convinced me to do so. At first, she convinced me to create an account on a similar sort of website though for Danes only ( but then it got to here and... welp, suddenly there were people from all over the world showing off incredible art and I really only knew how to draw anime girls without feet and hands.

It's embarrassing now for me to look at my old drawings or, worst of all, READ my old comment replies. Not only because I feel like I have improved, but mainly because my language was horrid and I kept using emotes that now causes me to cringe. But I do suppose this is something a lot of people share, when they look at their 14-year-old self's writing. And yet, even so, even if my writing was bad, my English understandable (at most), and my drawings as flawed and usually boring as they get, a few people DID visit my page and a couple even left me comments. I formed friendships, of sorts, where I commented and got comments in return from people far sweeter and nicer than myself, and I just in general... commented a whole lot. On everything.

Somehow, I made one friend that lasted to this very day. Mineiti was someone I had at first spotted on the Danish website, but following her here on DeviantART somehow lead to more - to small conversations in comments, to exchanging MSN addresses, and finally to join a tournament here on dA. I remember I was so excited, and scared, too, but I actually made it past the entrance test before I flunked. Looking back, I could have done better, but I am still glad I tried. Thanks to Min, I got myself involved in rp groups here on dA, too, and that's where a new chapter of my online presence starts.

The very first group I joined was named Last Children. I never truly got to be active in this group and nothing scared me more than entering a chat with STRANGERS (all of whom might judge me for not being as cool and amazing and skilled as them!) but I did finish the app and do a bit of art for the group. Through Min I was introduced to Nada-Chan714, another amazing girl who remains my friend to this day. I also met Zaznayka and started to follow and admire a lot of people in the dA rp community. I chatted more on MSN than ever. I spent way too much time online and I regretted nothing. My mother started to shout at me to leave the screen and to come down to eat and be social, and I still regretted nothing.

I was invited by Min to be her second-in-command in a new roleplay group Tainted-Wonderland which was founded by Nada. This changed everything. I had to be in the chat, so finally I pulled myself together and tried my very best. I made a male oc and finally started to learn a bit about drawing male anatomy. I chatted a lot. I met new people. I rped a lot, trying my best, and did a lot of embarrassing things, too. I stayed up untill 7 o clock in the morning to rp with someone from my own timezone. I got more confident online. And I made contact with many wonderful people. AnimeDumbass for one, Reiruu, chaisuke, kazutan, Saawaa, Magdorf, Marmarlade... and many more. Later in the group's history I also met the sweet Nurt, and OrpheusEleven, IWillFly, BrandonL-Adopts, and the darling WhimsyWanda.

My art improved. I concentrated more on digital art - since, well, that was what looked the best on an online site such as this. I drew inspiration from my friends on the site, from the front page, from artists I admired. I failed a lot. I uploaded sketches, chibis and lots of people standing in white voids. I applied for a lot of groups. I got rejected by some and accepted by others. I met more people. I was invited into an internet family by syazapion and I suddenly had two mothers and a grandmother (yes the amazing WeisseOrchidee, x-Windust, and juhaihai - and more.) I learned of the agony of timezones. I cursed it many times.

I have since lost contact with many. Some, I don't even remember how I got to know. I want to mention everyone, but I really do doubt that I can, haha. I am sorry for that. Another couple of people who have meant a lot for my dA experience are cool people like EstevaoPB, skipperofotters05 (who, like me, have not changed their username at all in all the years we've been here), PatrickleMorse, AND TWO MORE PEOPLE whom I will always remember as the people who wrote long and elequent comments that I was indeed not worthy of. Soar and theRipper are the names in my head, but I have misplaced their dA names. Thank you all.

I'm going to invest my last words to place a lot of praise on mirupants who will forever be placed among the top of my art inspirations and motivators. I followed and commented aggressively on her webcomic and it was one of the first I ever read online. There used to be a time when I read a lot. Like 100+. And RTE will forever be special to me. My drawing teachers, who were the first to make me interested in webcomics as well, are on the list too. They might never know. But this has gotten super long. I need to end this journal. I have gained SO much from being on this website, and even though many have moved most of their art and activity elsewhere, I will probably stay here long. Stay here long and keep up the inactivity as life catches hold of me.

I do not have the time I used to have to spend online, but I do always have time for all the amazing friends I have made here - some that I have even met and many I have exchanged cards or letters with. To all my more recent friends, I would mention you a hundred times. But my battery is running low. You know who you are though, I am sure, and to all my watchers and anyone who looks at anything I draw and comment... thank you. It's crazy. All in all, I am glad I joined this website.

Happy Summer everyone!


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I love drawing and reading and writing and people and the world.
Feel free to not give me llamas please.

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I am truly humbled.
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