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So, now I am on 'summer vacation' and yet somehow I'm horribly busy?? Urgh I guess that's what happens when you sign up to arrange a camp for 50 people. But hello, I am alive! I just don't get to draw much - mostly just sketches, which I might post on my tumblr, if anyone is interested in those doodles . I'll be super busy in July and might not be online at all / very much, but we'll see!

Now unto the serious business - Cat tagged me and I feel somewhat obligated to answer this meme here, so I'll do my best.
:iconcatrojan: This is the guilty cat ok, she draws really cool things and you should probably go check it out.

1. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions for the people YOU tagged and they will answer them. 
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. 
4. It's not like "you get tagged if you read this!" and the victims you choose don't have to do this if they don't want to. 
5. You have to choose 10 people. 
6. And there's no tag backs! 

10 things about me:

    1. Cat was the one who taught me how to use SAI it's the truth
    2. I'm a student of English at the Copenhagen University and I just finished my first year there
    3. A lot of my conversations and thoughts centers about food
    4. I recently learned how to take my computer apart and put it back together
    5. I get almost everywhere on my bicycle
    6. I am near-sighted and CAN see without my glasses, but it's a foggy world
    7. Drawing is a great hobby for me but I rarely finish anything noteworthy
    8. My favorite book is Howl's Moving Castle (yes, it's better than the film)
    9. I tend to be extremely lazy when left to my own device
    10. My cousin is getting kittens in August and I am super excited about that

10 questions by Cat:

    1. You are currently in the last game you played, what was the first thing that killed you? I last uh, played a puzzle game on FB - so I guess the corrupt uncle killed me and now you have to find the murder weapon amongst a dozen of other random things.
    2. You are currently in the last anime/movie you watched, who is your nemesis? The last movie I watched was Wolf of Wallstreet, so obviously my nemesis is that persistent policeman who keeps refusing my bribe
    3. You are on a deserted island with a zombie, what is that one item you would bring? An atomic bomb I DON'T CARE ABOUT HUMANITY I HATE ZOMBIES MORE THAN ANYTHING DON'T LET IT GET ME
    4. You decided to waste that one wish on a shooting star, what is that silly wish? I wished I knew how to make those little roses you see on fancy cakes
    5. Would you walk around nakey/half nakey if you are the only one in the house? Yes I do that all the time
    6. Quick! The red wire or the blue wire? Uh- uh- I don't know BOTH?
    7. If you have a foreign parasite with intellect in/on you, what is the first thing it said to you? I don't know, I was too busy setting fire to myself to listen
    8. Internet goes down and never returned, what's your alternative entertainment? Travelling around the world on my bicycle to keep track of my darlings
    9. What would you do with 50buck on a starving, rainy day? That depends entirely what kind of bucks those are, 50 Danish would give you like, a cup of fancy coffee and that's it
    10. The bathroom is occupied. Which cup would you pee in, cola labelled or sprite labelled? Sprite I guess, if I had to chose between those two

I ought to tag people but how to do that haha, uhhh. Right. If you want to do this, do go ahead, and if you don't, don't - free world /o/

10 question for the next 10 people:

    1. When you are a bit under the weather and feeling sorry for yourself, what is your favorite thing to do?
    2. How important is your phone to you? Could you live without it?
    3. Imagine the perfect place at the perfect season at the perfect time of day. What is it like?
    4. Are you a cat or a dog person, or do you prefer something a little more exotic?
    5. Do you have bad habits for when you draw or write?
    6. What kind of visual experience appeals the most to you? Any specific colours?
    7. What was the last dream you remember about?
    8. If you were asked your favorite number, which would you choose?
    9. If you could be a character in your favorite book/movie/animation, which would you be?
    10. You are awesome, I know because I tagged you. How is ordinary people affected by your radiating awesomeness?


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I love drawing and reading and writing and people and the world.
Feel free to not give me llamas please.

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